Veterinary Organisations

Various veterinary organisations provide a range useful services, including legal advice for employment issues such as those arising from long-term health issues, and specialised mental health support 


Many organisations require you to be a member to access their services. If you're trying to avoid the annual charges then remember to check:

- Do you get automatic membership via a group scheme in your workplace?

- Can you use you CPD budget (if you have one) to pay for a membership?

- (Students only) Does the organisation provide cheap or free student membership?

All Veterinary Staff



Vetlife provides emotional, financial and mental health support to the veterinary community. They have a 24-hour phone line for if you need support at any time; just call 0303 040 2551


These services are free to access for all veterinary staff. 

Vets and Vet Students

British Veterinary Association


The British Veterinary Association provides general support for its members, including legal advice for employment issues such as those arising from long-term health issues.


Membership is vets-only; students get free membership in their first year of study, and discounted thereafter. Some universities may cover the cost of this membership.

RVNs, SVNs, auxiliaries, and non-clinical support staff

British Veterinary Nursing Association


The British Veterinary Nursing Association similarly offers support including legal and financial advice, mental health support and peer-to-peer advice.

Membership is open to Registered Veterinary Nurses, Student Veterinary Nurses, and (via associate membership) other veterinary workers such as qualified ANA/VCAs, receptionists, practice support staff and industry supporters. 

Vets, Vet Students and RVNs.

British Small Animal Veterinary Association


The British Small Animal Veterinary Association provides their members with a legal helpline and discounted rates with a partner solicitor. 

Membership is open to Vets, Vet students and Registered Veterinary Nurses. 

Vets and Vet Students

The Society of Practicing Veterinary Surgeons


The Society of Practicing Veterinary Surgeons provides a variety of factsheets on areas including sickness and absence from work, and also offers direct support to recently graduated vets, including employment advice. 

Membership is open to Vets and Vet students. 

All Veterinary Staff

The British Veterinary Union


The British Veterinary Union is part of Unite (the larger trade union). They will provide support and representation for their members in dealing with any workplace issues.

Membership is open to anyone who works in the veterinary profession.

Descriptions last updated: April 2019. Please see individual organisation websites for further details. Inclusion in this list should not be seen as an endorsement of any organisation.