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About Us

BVCIS started life as a Facebook group - Veterinary Spoonholders UK - which was set up to help veterinary staff with chronic disease to connect to others in similar situations, and to support each other whilst working in an industry that can be mentally and physically draining even to healthy individuals. 

Over time, it became clear that there was a need for a more formal organisation to represent our members, and provide centralised resources for veterinary staff struggling in the workplace. BVCIS was founded as a Community Interest Company (CIC) to try and realise these aims, and to support the ongoing work in the Facebook group.

As an organisation, we aim:

  • To support veterinary workers in the UK who are living with chronic illness and disability.

  • To educate the UK veterinary community on the realities of living with long-term ill-health, and on how they can support their colleagues.

  • To advocate for our community on the wider veterinary stage. 


For more on why we do what we do, check out this video from our presentation at the 2020 Veterinary Diversity Conference, Courageous Conversations:

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