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Chatting about discrimination in the #bigconversation

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Yesterday I had the chance to go down to London and chat to Daniella Dos Santos (BVA Junior Vice-President) about the recent BVA report on discrimination in the veterinary profession.

The report makes for slightly grim reading - nearly a quarter of all staff surveyed had experienced or witnessed some form of discrimination. For spoonie purposes, the surveyed characteristic was disability discrimination - I know that's not a label everyone would use, but it's what we've got to work with!

5-6% of reported incidences of discrimination involved disability; this was more likely to be reported than other types of discrimination, but sadly, less likely to be resolved satisfactorily when it was reported. Disability issues were particularly seen around the end of employment, something that I think won't surprise members of our Facebook group,

Daniella and I chatted about this, as well as a lot of other spoonie issues; you can see our full chat here:

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