Welcome to the British Veterinary Chronic Illness Support (BVCIS) website!

Who are we?

BVICS exists to support veterinary staff who are living and working the all kinds of chronic illness. We are a peer-lead organisation, run by spoonies, for spoonies. We aim to to mutually support and encourage one another, and to provide practical advice on living and working with ill-health.


We also work to promote understanding of chronic health conditions in the workplace, and to help employers to see the benefits of being flexible and forward-thinking in their approach to veterinary staff with long-term illnesses.

We hope that this website will become a useful resource for those who are affected by chronic illness, and those who are looking to support them in or out of veterinary clinical practice. 

What is a spoonie?

You may see the terms "spoonies" or "spoonholders" used in various places around the site, and in the name of our Facebook group (Veterinary Spoonholders UK). This is taken from the popular "Spoon Theory" that is used to try and explain life with a chronic illness - click here for more details.

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