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13th October 2021


"Microaggressions can stem from thoughtlessness, a lack of understanding, or prejudice. Those of us who live with chronic illness and disability often encounter these, and whilst we can try to shrug off one or two of these comments, over time the cumulative effect of thousands of needle pricks can start to wear heavily."

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20th September 2021


"Those of us living with chronic illness encounter many hurdles in our professional lives, but sadly at least as many of them are created not by our job, but by the inflexibility of our employers or the hostility of our colleagues."


20th January 2021


What are the barriers to career progression faced by vets suffering with chronic illness? How can we overcome these? 

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15th December 2020


"Working in a medical profession, we are used to feeling some degree of control over medical matters, but when it comes to our own health, all feelings of security vanish. If you’re unlucky enough to find yourself in this situation, as I did, then one of the first questions you’re likely to ask yourself is ‘Will I still be able to work as a vet?’"


10th November 2020


How can team leaders can support staff living with chronic health conditions?

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6th November 2020


"Why can’t someone study to join a career that they love just because they don’t fit the stereotypical image of a vet student?"